Cobra Radar Detector iRadar Connects to Your iPhone

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar ATOM

I remember having a radar detector when it was a cool thing.  Every time we’d pass a bank the thing would go off.  After a while it wasn’t worth.  However, technology has advanced.  The iRAD 900 Cobra Radar Detector iRadar Atom ($199) uses both traditional and laser technologies to look ahead for smokey. If you find yourself loosing points on your license and spending more on traffic tickets then your kids, tech this out.

It connects with your iPhone and an entire community. The smartphone becomes the Cobra iRadar display. Plus  it connects to the iRadar community. The iRadar community connects other iRadar users together, giving a  real-time network of detectors to give users superior situational awareness while driving. The app will automatically let you know if your in a high alert area.  There is built in false positive technology to reduce those bank alarms triggering the brake.

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar Highlights are:

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar App

  • Automatically records radar and laser alert information and notifies users when they are entering high-threat areas
  • Allows for manual reporting of live police and caution areas, which are shared with the iRadar Community
  • Alerts to speed & red light cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous intersections
  • Displays visual alerts from the detector on your smart phone
  • Controls Cobra radar detector settings from your smart phone

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar  unit

  • Cobra’s highest sensitivity radar/laser detector packed into the industry’s most compact design
  • Detects all radar & laser guns
  • Provides 360 degree detection
  • Customized false alert reduction with 4 City/Highway Modes
  • Plots route line to give GPS based directions to your destination
  • Show’s real-time traffic information on the map

It costs about the price of a speeding ticket in some areas, $199. Either slow down, pay up or tech this out! The Cobra iRadar could be your new road trip buddy.