Attack of the Zombie Princess

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, zombies are on the rise.  Everything is getting a Zombie makeover.  All the world needed was a zombie princess.  Welcome to the  The Once Upon a Zombie Dolls!

Is there a right Zombie Princess for you?

zombie princess
The popular princess have now been zombiefied. Zombie Princess is on the loose.  Your favorite princess has been cursed and is now roaming far far away a little pail.   This new take on the princesses is not only original but seems to reflect on our time.  Where things that once were only in horror films have now become main stream culture.  Not sure how long these Zombie Princess will be around, so grab yours today. There is:
I’m Zombie Mermaid I’m Zombie Snow WhiteI’m Zombie Cinderella Zombie Sleeping Beauty Doll,I’m Zombie Belle and I’m Zombie Rapunzel

It seems a curse has caused these Princesses to become zombies.  So they are just having fun being Zombies. They come with:

  • The Fully Articulated and Detailed Doll
  • A Doll Stand
  • A Brush
There is even a Zombie Princess App on iTunes.  It seems as our world is getting more dead, it is great to be alive.  All these exciting and creative things for the young girls to play with today. Would of never imagined there would actually be a Zombie Princess.  Coming soon, Zombie Princess Movie and Zombie Princess on ice!

The Zombie Princess look drop dead gorgeous - Tech it out!