Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Speaker Kills the Competition

This turtle shell can crash the party.  This little water resistant, 16 hour battery speaker is like no other.  Comes in a couple of different colors, but I like the RED ONE. I love turtles.  Turtles are my favorite animal.  They are tough beasts that mostly lay around and take their time.  This Turtle Shell Speaker will lay around your feista and bring down the house. Simply use your iPhone, iPad or other portable phone, tablet or player and connect via BlueTooth.  That’s it.  Since it’s water resistant you can keep your iPhone in your pocket or somewhere safe while the Turtle Shell Speaker soaks up the beach and blasts the tunes! Kowabunga!

Since it’s got a microphone it also becomes your phones speaker phone.  Yup!  You can have confrences in the middle of a hiking trail.  This rugged speaker is for all high tech adventures.  Take a look at Amazon for more details and pick up the Outdoor Tech OT-1800 Turtle Shell 2.0 Rugged Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker (Black).  It’s about $130 on Amazon.

Key Features
  • Two speakers and passive bass radiator provide 96 decibels of clear sound, wirelessly
  • Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device with easy one-touch pairing
  • Reconnects automatically to previously paired device
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 16 hours of play time, and over 700 hours of standby time
  • IPX-65 dust-proof and water resistant
  • Built-in microphone
  • External controls allow you to adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause and answer calls
  • Standard camera thread and extra strong metal leash clip for multiple mounting options
  • Voice prompts let you know what is going on
  • Bluetooth profiles – aptX audio codec for high quality stereo audio, A2DP & AVCRP to control track and volume remotely
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with enhancements like battery level “fuel gauge” displayed on source device, quick pairing/connections, and low power consumption
  • Micro USB charge port and 3.5mm audio-in port
  • Wireless Range – 32′
  • Item Size – 5.6 x 3.9 x 2.1″
  • Item Weight – 0.65 lb
 Tech it out and get a turtle shell speaker that is as adventurous as you!


High Tech Garbage Can is Hands FREE

Never dirty your hands again by touching the garbage can!  Seriously, how many germs does a kitchen garbage can have?  Live life germ FREE.  This cool garbage can allows you to magically wave your hand above the garbage can and it opens.  Simple.  That’s what you get with the Simplehuman Rectangular Sensor Trash Can, Fingerprint-Proof Brushed Stainless Steel

This High Tech Garbage Can gives you:

  • 40-liter fingerprint-proof stainless steel trash can with touch-free technology for opening and closing
  • Multi-sense adaptive sensor technology adapts to your tasks, modulating the sensor range and automatically changing behavior
  • Removable, easy-to-clean bucket; built-in odor control in the lid; nylon discs on the bottom make it easy to slide
  • Efficiently powered by 6 C-sized batteries for up to a year (optional AC adapter available)
  • Measures 17-3/8 by 12 by 25-1/8 inches; 5-year limited warranty

Upgrade your Kitchen garbage can to a high tech garbage can today.  Hours of fun for your 4 year old and party guests.

Get the Simplehuman Rectangular Sensor Trash Can,  Today at Amazon for about $180.

Attack of the Zombie Princess

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, zombies are on the rise.  Everything is getting a Zombie makeover.  All the world needed was a zombie princess.  Welcome to the  The Once Upon a Zombie Dolls!

Is there a right Zombie Princess for you?

zombie princess
The popular princess have now been zombiefied. Zombie Princess is on the loose.  Your favorite princess has been cursed and is now roaming far far away a little pail.   This new take on the princesses is not only original but seems to reflect on our time.  Where things that once were only in horror films have now become main stream culture.  Not sure how long these Zombie Princess will be around, so grab yours today. There is:
I’m Zombie Mermaid I’m Zombie Snow WhiteI’m Zombie Cinderella Zombie Sleeping Beauty Doll,I’m Zombie Belle and I’m Zombie Rapunzel

It seems a curse has caused these Princesses to become zombies.  So they are just having fun being Zombies. They come with:

  • The Fully Articulated and Detailed Doll
  • A Doll Stand
  • A Brush
There is even a Zombie Princess App on iTunes.  It seems as our world is getting more dead, it is great to be alive.  All these exciting and creative things for the young girls to play with today. Would of never imagined there would actually be a Zombie Princess.  Coming soon, Zombie Princess Movie and Zombie Princess on ice!

The Zombie Princess look drop dead gorgeous – Tech it out!

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar Connects to Your iPhone

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar ATOM

I remember having a radar detector when it was a cool thing.  Every time we’d pass a bank the thing would go off.  After a while it wasn’t worth.  However, technology has advanced.  The iRAD 900 Cobra Radar Detector iRadar Atom ($199) uses both traditional and laser technologies to look ahead for smokey. If you find yourself loosing points on your license and spending more on traffic tickets then your kids, tech this out.

It connects with your iPhone and an entire community. The smartphone becomes the Cobra iRadar display. Plus  it connects to the iRadar community. The iRadar community connects other iRadar users together, giving a  real-time network of detectors to give users superior situational awareness while driving. The app will automatically let you know if your in a high alert area.  There is built in false positive technology to reduce those bank alarms triggering the brake.

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar Highlights are:

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar App

  • Automatically records radar and laser alert information and notifies users when they are entering high-threat areas
  • Allows for manual reporting of live police and caution areas, which are shared with the iRadar Community
  • Alerts to speed & red light cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous intersections
  • Displays visual alerts from the detector on your smart phone
  • Controls Cobra radar detector settings from your smart phone

Cobra Radar Detector iRadar  unit

  • Cobra’s highest sensitivity radar/laser detector packed into the industry’s most compact design
  • Detects all radar & laser guns
  • Provides 360 degree detection
  • Customized false alert reduction with 4 City/Highway Modes
  • Plots route line to give GPS based directions to your destination
  • Show’s real-time traffic information on the map

It costs about the price of a speeding ticket in some areas, $199. Either slow down, pay up or tech this out! The Cobra iRadar could be your new road trip buddy.


Chromebook Saves You In the Cloud

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s Google.  Those crazy computer geeks have done it again.  They have transformed and translated technology for the average guy and girl.  The Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)
simplifies the meaning of a computer. It takes what we use the most, ‘The Web Browser’ and built a laptop around it.

A web browser as the Operating System?

Google Chromebook
It might sound futuristic or even a little silly.  Can an application like a web browser really run a computer?  Why not? Today technology needs to be simple. The Chromebook tries to make it simple by taking the thing we use the most, the Internet.

Think about it.  A lot of applications right now are in your web browser.  You can email, write documents, edit film and even take notes in your web browser.  As technology advances it gets easier and cheaper for the average person to keep up with technology trends.

Price says it all!

The price is about $250 for a laptop.  That’s a great price for a computer.  Of course it’s not going to have all the applications you have on your Mac or PC.  Everything on the Chromebook is a web application.  It still works offline, but it’s made to be online.

The chromebook is great for a second laptop or a low cost solution for kids. It uses your Google account to do most of the heavy lifting.

Take a look online at the Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) today!

Do you have the Chromebook?  Do you think we are heading towards Cloud based computing? Comment below!


Top Bamboo Gadgets – Green Technology – Be Technically Zen

Not to long ago I talked about a Rollup Bamboo Chair Matt. Green technology is becoming more important in our society.  People are realizing that natural items can be recycled and used. Let’s focus today on the use of bamboo, one of the strongest wood material out there. Besides being part of green tech, bamboo creates a natural and zen atmosphere.   It seems many people are catching up to the times and enjoy adding a little zen to their office.

Bamboo green technology products:

Green Technology Bamboo rug
Let’s start with another rug.  It can be used for a chair matt or as decor.This rug looks like a bamboo floor. Adding that natural and green technology feel to any room.  It comes in different sizes and should fit any office that is in need for some zen. This one is 42″ by 48″ Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug Co. 42-Inch-by-48-Inch, 5mm Thick Roll-Up Bamboo rug




Green Technology Bamboo iPhone Case
Next let’s look at Phone cases. This one Snugg iPhone 5 Ultra Thin Case in Black with Real Bamboo Wood Rear This case is a stylish Bamboo case for the iPhone 5.  This makes a Zen impression.  This adds some green technology feel to the Adding to the power of the iPhone. There are also some iPhone 4/4s Cases that have a great Bamboo tech feel. Like the – Leebrae – iPhone 4S / 4 – Bamboo Case with Soft Rubberized Feeling on the sides Premium Protector Case Cover (Black)


Green Technology Bamboo iPad Case
On the iPad side we have some great options.  This case naturally looks great.  Not only protects the iPad but gives it a good grip.BoxWave True Bamboo iPad 4 Case, 100 percent Authentic Premium Grade Genuine Bamboo Wood Cover Shell Case for iPad 4 – iPad 4 Cases and Covers (Natural)



Green Technology Bamboo t-shirtNot many people know about bamboo clothing. Clothing industry is showing more interest in green technology.  This type of clothing is popular in Europe and Asia.  It’s making its way here to the USA.   These bamboo t-shirts are light weight, wash well and do not need to be ironed.  They are great and comfortable Tasc Performance Men’s Essential Crew T-Shirt



Bamboo is not only zen but it is a great example of green technology when mixed with todays gadgets.  Spice up your zen side today and add more bamboo to the tech you crave.  Next time you’re looking for something more environmentally friendly look for more green technology products.

Have more bamboo gadgets?  Share them in the comments.  Look forward on sharing more green technology gadgets and products.